Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Silent Night, DEADLY Night

"Whats wrong, you just have a religious experience or something??"

Last night my friend Lindsay and I went to a showing of "Silent Night, Deadly Night" at the Loft. It was great because I've been trying to get a copy of the movie forrrever and have had no luck, so we both had never seen it before! And all we knew was that there was a killer Santa Claus in it, and that it was made in the 80s, so we HAD to see it, especially at the theatre.

The movie- Made in 1984, is about this kid Billy who sees his parents brutally murdered one Christmas Eve night by a maniac wearing a Santa Claus outfit. He spends his youth in an orphanage getting treated like real crap and is traumatized by any image of Santa. When he turns 18 he's set up with a job at a small toy store and it's here, at a Christmas party, that he SNAPS. He KILLS anyone thats been naughty (or annoying), and does so in awesome creative ways. Whats great about the killer in this one, Billy Chapman, is that he's 18 years old and VERY attractive. He's not all old and gross like all the other killers, he's cute and stuff, so it's okay when he kills people see? Haha, nah but really, the kids a looker and I wouldn't mind him being the last thing I ever saw. Even if he wasn't so good looking, it was interesting to see an 18 year old kid killing like the best of em.

Seeing this at the theatre was it's own special part of the movie. The theatre was PACKED and the audience was SO into it. Scenes that would have gotten just smirks in a private viewing got HUGE laughs and literally tons of applaud, totally deserving, it was great. The scene with the little girl that Denise is babysitting was especially awesome. Blast!!!

Everyone loved it, awesome movie. Plus now I'm totally in the holiday spirit, nice!

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