Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Top 5 movies I want to live in

*edit: figured out the table situation!! Yessss

Anyway today I bring you a good list, a list called The Top 5 movies I want to live in. Thats right if there was ever a time that I wanted to live in a movie and get away from my life now is it. So here they are

5. October Sky: This is my small town 50s life DREAM. Where a young guy like myself can do something extraordinary if he just sets his mind to it...as long as he has a good music montage behind him of course. He can do all of this while still growing up and experiencing everything great about living in a small town. Sure I might have to work in a mine for a little bit, but why not? The days must go on forever there, and time is all I want right now.

4. Urban Legend: A world where urban legends actually happen and college girls still wear maroon lipstick and listen to chick rock? Felicity with murder?! YES! Plus I want to know Joshua Jackson.

3. Friday the 13th Part IV The Final Chapter: Okay if I lived in this movie my bedroom would be the coolest!! It'd have wood paneling on the walls and I'd have some rock posters and I would ALWAYS ALWAYS wear a red bandana around my head, I'd eat pizza everyday and listen to music and hey on the right day maybe even get chased by Jason. This one is best to live in cause instead of just being at a normal camp theres a house right NEXT to the camp site (or somethin) so I'd have a place to live and would always meet cool (hot) camp counselors haha. take me there!!

2. The Virgin Suicides: Everything has a yellow tone here and everything is melodic, sad, and thoughtful. I belong here. Everyone here that matters is a dreamer, and Heart plays whenever anyone makes out, that's awesome.

1. Halloween/Halloween II: Duh, everyone already knows this about me. Carpenter set up the most beautiful atmospheric look at suburban life, and had a madman killing people in it- I wanna go! Haha, really though, the world of Halloween and Halloween II are ones that I could live in happily every single day, and absolutely WANT TO. Which is funny because it's prob the movie that most resembles my life anyway, minus the madman and stuff, sometimes Tucson can really look like Haddonfield, and sometimes in April and October you'd really think you were there. Being chased by Michael would be cool though. Like me, and every other teenager, Lauries just trying to survive every day, I just don't have the fun of being chased by a madman while I'm going through it. Boo. The two most beautiful and ominous movies I've ever seen.

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